Wednesday, September 13, 2006

This Day--Updated. And Again, with pictures this time

We kicked ass this day!

Our house has looked like a junkyard the last few days. For some reason, today it all sort of came together. So even though we didn't do any particularly large tasks, it feels like we kicked ass! And that's really, really good, because starting at 9:00 Friday morning, we're hosting a HUGE garage sale.

Oh yeah, and in other news...I have 4 interviews lined up on Wednesday and two more on Thursday. Yes sir, I fucking rock. I'll have a job before the month is done.



(Extra Noise: Our real estate agents--a team--are so awesome. They want to help us get the house on the market, and they plan to market it aggressively once it's listed. They also know we're broke. One of them came over yesterday with a quiche for dinner, some breakfast rolls for this morning, and a check for $200 so we can pay a handyman to come help with the larger, heavier things. I love those guys.)


More Extra Stuff:

Our living room curtains have never fit the space properly. They used to have tabs, but the rod for the sheer curtain underneath showed through the gaps. On advice from my beautiful sister who is a brilliant artist and who has vision about these things, I've removed the tabs and added some length with this gold hem. I love it! (Little details like this will make the difference between selling the house and not selling it. Or so I've been told.)

Curtain Full Length

Here's an update on the carport/garage sale pile o' stuff. YIKES! So much organizing to do and only 22 hours left... and everything STILL isn't out there!

Carport 1 day before the garage sale

Ok. I'll be back later. I'm going to post pictures of jewelry we have for sale. I don't want to put it in a garage sale. I'd rather offer it to y'all, my friends.