Thursday, September 07, 2006

Move Status

Kate suggested I post updates of our progress, so I believe I will do that. I'll even try to take before and after pictures if big items go missing from our lives, but please forgive the mess. We are in the middle of moving, after all!

We listed most of our LARGE household items on Craigslist--our recliner, dining set, piano, bookshelves, dressers, etc. That thing is just amazing!

This afternoon, we have someone coming over to pick up the table, chairs, buffet, recliner, and baker's rack from the kitchen.

This weekend, the piano will go. It's already been paid for (thank you PayPal!), but the gal who bought it can't get here until the weekend.

Our house is going to feel SO EMPTY!

The garage sale is scheduled for September 16 & 17. We've been sorting through stuff for 3 days now and here's what we have set aside so far. There will be more. Oh yes, there will be more!

Carport 1 week before garage sale

Our plan is to finish going through all our stuff* for the garage sale a week early so that the next week (immediately preceeding the sale) can be one filled with our painting projects (patching mostly, plus the hallway woodwork) and last-minute repairs (linen closet doors, base boards, etc.). That way we have a whole week to "discover" additional shit for the garage sale. Yikes.

*When I say all our stuff, I mean all my clothes, all my mom's clothes, all our fabrics, all our yarns, all our books, all Em's clothes and toys, all our kitchen cabinets, both our linen closets, and our entire shed--which includes holiday stuff. Craziness! We only have left Em's stuff, the fabric and yarn, and half the books.

Our real estate agents came on Monday morning. They are pleased with the upgrades we've done in the last 3 years and think that despite the market dip we should get a good amount for the house. And they're going to do a major marketing campaign on our house, so yay for us! They'll be back the Monday after the garage sale to do a photo-tour walk through. Shortly after that (perhaps the next day?) they'll have the Agent's Open House, and the following weekend, I think the 24th, will be the actual open house.

It's fast, no?

Very exciting, but surprisingly not very scary. I wish I was already there though.