Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Front path is done. Hospice is coming to pick up the remaining items tomorrow, then the entire front yard will be complete.

Back yard has been mulched. We have to move some plants around and clean off the patio table, but other than that, we're done.

Living room--we got one video cab and one bookshelf moved. Oh, and packed up about half our VHS tapes. Still looks naked, except for the vaccuum cleaner in the middle of the floor. We'll get that done soon.

Kitchen got a new faucet. No other progress.

My room has not been touched, nor has the exercise room, Emily's room, the sewing room or the laundry room.

Mom's room is almost done. Just needs vaccuuming and furniture moved.

Hallway baseboards look NICE! I have 2 long ones left to install (which I plan to do today before I leave for the airport); when I get home, I'll post updated pictures of all completed stuff.

It's nice to have a couple of large things ticked off the list.

The realtors were going to come on Friday to film a video-tour of the house (I told you they were going to market us aggressively). We told them they can still come Friday to sign papers, but they have to hold off on all pictures until Monday. I like having an extra 2 days.

Leaving for Portland this evening. Four interviews tomorrow, another 3 on Thursday. Keep your fingers crossed!