Sunday, September 17, 2006


Everything's almost done, but nothing is done.

Front yard--no progress on the path since Friday afternoon, plus we have a lot of shit for hospice to pick up (left overs from the garage sale).

Back yard--we're having about 15 yards of mulch delivered tomorrow. It needs to be hauled in to the back and spread out over the yard. Odious task, to be sure.

The living room--we need to move our DVD cabinets and the rocking chair, then we need to bring book cases in and load them up. Right now it just looks naked.

Living Room is Naked 091706

The kitchen doesn't need a lot of work, but it does need some big things (oven cleaned, for example), and we have to find places to put all the various bits of flotsam and jetsam that make their way to the counters. We've been eating in the living room because we can't get to the table. I hate it.

Holy Crap this kitchen is a mess 091706

My room needs to have the closet organized, then it needs to be cleaned and vaccuumed. That should actually be pretty easy. Yay!

The exercise room. Oy. Gotta finish putting in the closet system. Those things only look easy. In reality, they suck! Once it's together though, we can re-organize the things in here and get our room back to use.

Gym Room 091706

Mom's room, she needs to clean. Seriously. CLEAN. Then we're moving the furniture around to make it look larger.

Em's room needs a lot of work still, as does the laundry room. I can't talk about it right now. It makes me want to cry.

The hallway baseboards still need to be painted and installed.

Oh damn. I nearly forgot about the bathroom. I have to clean out the cabinets and drawers. Yeuck.

And then there's the mess that is our sewing room. It frightens me. No, really. Everything that doesn't have a home has ended up in there. And while we've been preparing for the garage sale for the last two weeks, that's been a LOT Of stuff!

Worst Sewing Room Ever 091706

So everything is almost done. But nothing is DONE.

And the house goes on the market Friday.