Friday, August 11, 2006

One Man Freakshow

Best compliment I’ve ever received:
Emily, “Mommy, did you know I have a crush on you?”
Me, “Really? That’s very sweet, Honey.”
Emily, “Well duh Mom. Of course I do. You’re my MOM!”

Oh yeah, and before I forget--Remember the weekend I spent at a castle in San Francisco back in mid-June? Well, I finally got my pictures back and scrapbooked them. Go to the link for my Crafts and Stuff blog under the "ClickWorthy" button and check them out.

Ok, now for the real bit.
Thanks Julie for the candles.
Thanks Tot for the happythoughtshappythoughtshappythoughts.
Thanks Vince for the prayers and blessings.
Thanks Lynlee for talking to her again on my behalf, and for all the other stuff that made me laugh so hard!
Thanks Serra for the chicken sacrifice. (Or was it really just a chicken dance? Hmph. Either way, thanks!)
Thanks E-Lo for the job vibes, now that you no longer need them in your house.
Thanks Katey for laughing at Serra instead of me. Oh, and for your concern. Freak.
Thanks Leese for the good wishes AND MORE IMPORTANTLY for all your help in the last week. You’ve helped reduce the anxiety level tremendously!
Nanner, thanks for the continued happiness. Now, can I look at your tits? Seriously, just a quick flash should sustain me until like November….
Seamus! Thank you the most, ‘cause you got nekkid without me having to ask—and not just for me, but for my girl Lynlee, too! WOO HOO!

And to all of you who didn’t comment but have waited so patiently.

(Who knew there were so many people in my court? You guys ALL rock!)

Here is an excerpt of an IM with my best friend just after I got home from the interview on Tuesday (re-formatted for ease of reading):

Jena: did it go?

Me: Ok, first of all, that guy is the WEIRDEST person I've ever met! His body is big. His hands are HUGE and his head is really small. He looks like a freakshow!

Jena: lol

Me: He spent an hour and a half talking about himself, then offered me a contract position at $9 an hour. (laughing face)

Jena: OMG – LOL. What an idiot!

Me: We discussed his needs, my needs, where there was overlap, etc.

Jena: Did he up his offer - say by at least $20/hr

Me: I got him to agree to $17.00 an hour on a per-project basis, no hard feelings if I decline projects (because, duh, I will have to find full time employment)

Jena: Well that's better. That pays you much more.

Me: So I'll at least be getting SOMETHING, which is better than what I'm getting now.

Jena: yep

Me: It's half what I made at [my last job].

Jena: I know

Me: Then again, the work takes about half as much brain power. LOL

Jena: will you work from home or does he have an office space for you?

Me: Office space. BIG office space. In the marina. Nice office--total fucking chaos. That's my first task.

Jena: mmmmm - doesn't sound like much fun.

Me: He wants me to make it "fung schwoo--or whatever"


Me: I said, "feng shui?" He shrugged, “Yeah, that.”

Jena: When do you start?

Me: Dunno. Probably the week after next. I'm going to meet with his office manager Thursday evening at 6:00, as well as another atty in the office. He makes the decision, and already has, but wants them to know I'm there and see if they can use me, too.

Jena: Well you know what they say - It's easier to find a job when you have a job

Me: Exactly.

Jena: or at least something to call a job

Me: So, whatever. He's a complete freak. Seriously strange... but it's money. AND a lot of it is Indian law, which is fascinating!

Jena: cool

Me: Yeah. So there it is

The night of the original interview, a customer came over to pick up a dress and asked how the job search was going. I told her about Freakshow and she asked if I have any Program or Project Management experience. I said yeah, a little. I mean I’m not PMI certified or anything. Turns out her very large, prestigious company is looking for part-time (contract basis) PMs.

So of course, I emailed my resume to her. It would be awesome if that worked out.

This evening I went to Freakshow’s office again, as mentioned above. After waiting for FOURTY FUCKING MINUTES, the office manager finally showed up. Freakshow was on the phone the entire time I waited, then got on again promptly when OM arrived. Oh, and the other atty I was supposed to meet just never showed up at all.

So yeah. Suh. This is what I’m walking into. Fuck. I could be selling goddamned magazines door to door in Cleveland and get more respect than this. Fuuuuuuuuuck.

But money is money is money, right? I need to make my bills. I’m about a day away from putting up a paypal button on this blog and asking y’all for handouts.... Instead I’ll ask for your continued good wishes that the RIGHT job shows up soon. I’m not asking for anything unreasonable, just a decent paycheck for my experience, a livable commute, and some respect for my knowledge and expertise.

And with that my friends, I’m going to bed to dream of better things to come. Love to you all.