Thursday, August 31, 2006


My Little Bird this morning, on her first day of school:


(Aside: I haven't bought into the idea of public schooling. I'm guessing most people out there are thinking, "Bought into? What is she talking about? There's nothing to buy into--it just is", but I disagree. It is completely and wholly unnatural for us to hand our kids over to literal strangers for hours at a time. At least in daycare situations, the people raising our kids for us are not strangers. At least we KNOW who they are. I don't like the school Em is going to, I don't like her teacher, I don't like that she doesn't want to be there and that I'm made to feel she's "supposed to conform". Fuck that. She's MY kid. I don't want someone else raising her and I don't want that (or those) someone else(s) to imply that I'm doing it wrong because I choose to do it differently. This is temporary. If she hates it today, she doesn't have to go back. If she likes it, she can stay until we move... when we get to Portland, we'll see what our options are. But in any event, it's a damn cute picture.)