Thursday, August 17, 2006

Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt

We have 2 mortgages on our house—the primary one, for the majority of the value, and another, smaller one which is actually a home equity line. The second one was on an adjustable rate because that made sense 3 years ago. Recently, however, as the rates have been climbing, we decided to refinance and lock in a rate.

We started the process in early-July with the understanding that it’d be done by about the end of the month. Which it was, but a whole month later than anticipated.

Yesterday we finally got our money. Finally. A breath of relief, finally, even if only for another month or two.

This morning, while I was out running errands, my mom called—no one needs details. Let’s just say our plumbing issue from July has returned with a vengeance. The hot plumber will return on Sunday to complete the repairs. $1500 later…

Oh yeah, and my brakes got all crunchygranola sounding this morning. Ye-Ha. Just on time.

So much for relief.

Fuck money. Who needs it anyway? Filthy stuff. Love of money, it’s the root of all evil, right? Feh. I don’t love money. I don't need any stinking money. We’ll just go live under an overpass.