Tuesday, July 18, 2006

There was this family, see...

a South African family. Rather, a white family from South Africa.

They were on the Staten Island Ferry with me and Julz on Saturday.

We did not like them. No sir. No Ma'am. Not one teeny bit.

Now my friend and I have Zuul living in our digestive systems. Well, I don't so much anymore. I think I barfed it out this morning. (I'm sure this is too much information--my throat still burns hours later from the acidity of the bile I was vomiting.)

Anyway, since the trip was otherwise very good, we have decided this bug--this ZUUL!--is entirely the fault of the horrible family.

We blame them completely.

I'll post again when I'm feeling better.

(Oh--and thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes in comments and on email!)