Saturday, July 29, 2006


Life has been on pause lately. Since about Father’s Day weekend, actually. All our routines have gone out the window—first we went to Kate’s, then a few days after we came home, they came up here, then we went back there again, then they came up for July 4th and stayed a bit.

When I went to Julie’s on July 13th, mom and Em went back to Kate’s. We all got home the same day, and they brought Kate’s daughter with them. Kate and her son arrived a couple days later. They left on Sunday—six days ago—and we miss them terribly. We’re not going back down to their place for another two whole weeks!

But that represents all the time we haven’t been “normal” in our home. Neither have they—and I know that while we all love being together, there are elements of the normal that we all really, really miss.

For me, blogging is one of those elements. I have had alternately so much great stuff to say about our summer of visiting, playing, and making memories, and so much to bitch about in regards to Emily’s father (fucking flake) and not having any money and STILL not having found a job....

Now I feel like I’ve missed my opportunity, because none of those things are fresh. But if I keep thinking about them (that is, if I can't let them go), then I will actually post about them later. For now though, we’re doing housekeeping of another sort—we’re cleaning the house, one horribly messy room at a time. It may take all weekend, but damnit, it’ll get done!

So while I sweat in the grime, would you tell me a funny story? I’ll be back soon with substance (I hope), and will divert you with photographs.

Much love to you all.