Saturday, July 15, 2006

Oh... Just... WOW!

I'm in Brooklyn. Yup. I'm sitting in Julie's living room, blogging from Brooklyn. It's still kinda surreal.

We went to lower Manhattan yesterday, as well as Coney Island (and yes, we did have Nathan's Original Hot Dogs for dinner!). Today, we took the Staten Island Ferry there and back, then went up to mid-town Manhattan.

Geez, when I write it down, it doesn't sound like much. Maybe there was more and I'm just forgetting because I'm tired.

This place is so much larger than life. It's surreal and crazy and wonderful and FUCKING HOT! I don't think I've ever been so hot in my life. Seriously.

Tomorrow, we're going on a boat-tour which will show us 7 bridges, all 5 burroughs, and a bunch of other cool shit. We're going to do other stuff too, but like I said, my brain is kinda melty so I'm not remembering.

I hope y'all are having as good a weekend as Julie and I are! See you Monday.