Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Ode to Spring

Or, "Why I Hate Luther Burbank"

My darling daughter awoke at 5:00 this morning in a fit of sneezing.

After getting her settled in (there was no going back to sleep for her), I crawled back in bed. I was awakened by a violent sneezing fit of my own a few hours later.

By around 1:30, when I still couldn't take a deep breath without wheezing, my mom and Emily went to the store to buy me an inhaler. It's a generic make-your-heart-race, over-the-counter inhaler, but it did the trick after three puffs. What I wouldn't give for a hit of real albuterol right now.

My throat itches, my ears itch WAAAAY down inside, my eyes itch and keep watering, my nose itches. I can not stop sneezing.


And I have another interview in South San Francisco tomorrow.

Gah. I'm tired of all... this.

(On the plus side, 'cause you know there's ALWAYS a plus side, I got my airline tix to visit Julie for my birthday weekend in July. Yay! NYC, here we come!)