Wednesday, June 14, 2006


You know I'm looking for a job. You know that may entail moving to the Silicon Valley (which means finding a new law school, finding a new home, uprooting my family, etc.). You must know by now that I'm not happy with either of those things.

You may have figured out as well that I'm doing a TON of weddings this year instead of my usual 2 or 3. In fact, I'm doing 10 dresses. Three are already done and delivered. Yesterday I did a final fitting on #4. Today I'm doing a final fitting on #5. Tomorrow I'm deliverying #s 6 & 7. Number 8 will be next week, and numbers 9 & 10 aren't due until October. Still, that makes me a very, very busy girl.

In addition, you may recall that I dropped my boring 3-unit summer class, opting instead to take three one-unit classes in San Francisco. Instead of school from May 1-August 28 (or so) once a week, it means every Tuesday & Thursday from June 1-July 11, as well as one Sat/Sun.

Let me recap that: For the month of June, I'm spending damn near every day in San Francisco--either in a class or at an interview. And when I'm not there, I'm sewing.

I'm leading up to this: I'm still reading blogs. I'm even commenting periodically. But I seem not to be writing. I have nothing new to say, and I can't imagine anyone wants to hear my complain any more. The money is gone, as is the good mood, and I'm not even enjoying my own company right now.

So I'm taking a little posting hiatus. This weekend, Father's Day weekend, I'll be camping with my family. I hope to be in better spirits when I return on Monday night. Until then, be nice to each other, keep on thinking good job thoughts for me, and enjoy the lovely summer weather.

Love you all.