Wednesday, May 17, 2006

More nothing

Emily spent yesterday throwing up--mostly in the toilet, but also a little bit on the bed, a little bit on the floor, and a little bit on me (YEUCH!). Today she was achy, but held down food just fine. Whew.

I've been submitting my resume all over hell and back. I try to send out three a day--lots of cold calls, because honestly, my field's fairly specialized and there's not THAT much call for it. One would think by this point (at least 20 resumes out there, and registration with 3 legal agencies) I'd have garnered some phone calls. Damn this is disheartening.

To answer the direct questions from Varla and D. Mama in my comments section in the last post: YES! It means we will get to hang out some this summer. YAY!

Much lovin' to all my blog friends. Keep things crossed for me on the job, 'cause the money's starting to run out... I'll update when there's news that's fit to print.