Thursday, May 25, 2006


So much, so much...

I had an excellent interview yesterday in San Francisco. But if it doesn't pan out, we have decided I should broaden my search. Ultimately that means we might end up moving to the Silicon Valley. If that's the case, I'll find a law school there instead. I'm not giving up my dream.

After my excellent interview, I reparked my car and ran into--of all people--my cousin Jane who lives in London! She was in SF for work and happened to pull into the same parking garage as I. It was very, very weird.

And then, to top off an already excellent day, I got to have dinner with the fabulous Varla Vixen! Oh yeah, you wish you were me.

Today I'm trying to finish painting Emily's room. Word of advice to any painters out there (except Brighton, because I'm SURE she already knows!), the Olympia paint from Lowe's SUCKS! Behr paint, however, from Home Depot, is much, much better. So there.

This project is lingering forever. Pictures soon, I hope...