Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I got an email this morning from a friend and co-worker showing me the current job postings for the company. It turns out that after all this time, my job has finally gotten a personnel req., but for a General Counsel (that's an attorney), not a Contract Administrator (that's me).

I was livid.

I went to the break room with my best friend to get coffee and gripe. I spilled coffee on my shirt.

An hour or so later, my counterpart from our Minnesota office arrived, but in the infinite wisdom of my superiors, no one had scheduled anything for her to do. Brilliant. She'll be leaving the company next week, so we started transitioning all her work over to me. I mean, we had to do something.

While discussing contracts with her, I got blue ink on my shirt. Shit.

About an hour after that, when I finally saw my boss (the one who is moving to Texas and quitting this job next week), he made some comment about me taking over all of her contract responsibilities, blah, blah, blah, to which I made a sharp-tongued remark about the job posting.

From his response, it seems he wasn't in the loop on that decision. At least I can pretend he wasn't screwing me....

Then I collided with someone in the hallway and she spilled her water all over my arm. Thank GOD it was only water!

Later, in other meetings with my boss, my counterpart, and my new boss (the corporate controller), more comments were made about my expanded responsibilities, etc. I feel like going Jerry McGuire on their asses, "SHOW ME THE MONEY!" I'm still super annoyed.

The meetings were long. Much longer than they should have been. We had lunch brought in. Boss-man spilled salad dressing on his pants and said, "I pulled an Aimee". Oh yeah, 'cause that's how I want to be remembered. ((sigh))

Fast forward to the end of my work day--there's a voicemail on my cell phone from a company in Sonoma. They got my resume off Monster.com, and want to know if I'm still in the job market.

What?! I haven't posted a resume on Monster in probably a year and a half. Weird. So I called the guy. Turns out we know a zillion people in common--we had a great phone interview and I hope to hear back from him later this week. Yay!

And the best news of all, which I haven't told yet because I was waiting for pictures but haven't managed to get any: Emily lost her very first tooth on Friday! My baby's turning into a big girl. Her comment, "Mommy, when my teenager tooth comes in, it'll be forever, so it'll be part of my skeleton!"

Man. She just melts my heart I love her so much.