Friday, March 31, 2006


It is Friday, glorious Friday.

I have a wedding dress fitting at 3:00 on Saturday, then I might go to a party on Saturday evening (that's still up in the air).

Sunday, my mom has a landscaper coming over to present his ideas to her (us). I should probably back up here... When I got my tax refund, I gave a big chunk of it to my mom to do with it whatever she wanted. After much deliberation, she decided to have the back yard professionally landscaped. She knows what she wants to do, and 10 years ago she'd have been able to do it herself, but now she just can't. So if she has someone else execute the original plan, she'll be able to do the maintenance. And there ya go--we have a landscaper coming back on Sunday to give us his presentation. Yay!

I also have a ton of homework.

All of those things notwithstanding, I'm very much looking forward to a quiet weekend at home with my beautiful mother and my darling daughter.

I hope y'all have lovely weekends, too!