Friday, March 31, 2006

Emails with my Dad

I love having email conversations with my Dad. They are ridiculous and irreverent. And they’re usually MUCH better than phone calls.

I emailed this morning that I meant to call him yesterday but I forgot. I think I told him I didn’t forget, I just failed to remember. He answered that he didn’t give a shit. So I sent him an email instead entitled, “Pretend You Care, Ok?”.

Basically, I recapped the “Seriously” post from below, letting him know about my job scene.

To which he replied, “Remind me why I should give a shit.”

I wrote back to him:


Ok, you ready?

Because when I have a REAL JOB with benefits and a REGULAR PAYCHECK, then I don’t have to ask your sorry ass for money every month.



He responded,

You don't have to ask me for $ every month; you just need to remind me that I promised to send you some, and tell me how much you need, and tell me how much you love and appreciate me, and so on...........

So of course I countered with my own smart ass brand of humor:

Oooh, I get it.

I forgot to mention on the last email that I typed it reeeealllly sllloooowwwwwlyyyy…

…followed immediately, before he could respond, by this message:

Oh Shit!

I also forgot to mention how much I love and adore you, and how you’re the best dad ever in the history of the entire UNIVERSE, and how much I appreciate you and all you do for me and my daughter and my sisters and the world in general, and how grateful I am to be your kid instead of someone else’s, and how blessed I am that you’re a god-fearing Uh-MER-icun, and how pleased I am that you taught me to love baseball and kittens, and… Oh crap… I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

His final response to me:

you love baseball?

Hahahahahaha! God I love my dad.