Friday, March 10, 2006


So my law school study partner Rebecca and I were checking into a hotel in Vegas for some sort of convention thing. I don’t know what. Just before us, Lynlee and a boy had checked into their room. On the floor at the check in desk was a foot-pedal—the clerk had Lynlee’s boy step on the pedal, but Lynlee walked away before stepping on it herself. She also left behind her driver's license and her chap stick.

The pedal was connected to a prize wheel behind the check in desk. Every time someone checked in, the hotel had each guest over 18 spin the wheel (by stepping on the pedal) and then gave each guest free tokens in whatever amount showed up on the wheel.

When we figured that out, Rebecca said to the clerk, “Oh, we know her. We’ll give her back her ID and chap stick. And I’ll bring her tokens to her, too.” Then she took Lynlee’s last spin, which netted quite a large number of tokens.

We finished checking in, got our free tokens, then turned around to make our way through the casino and up to our rooms. As we turned, we saw Lynlee and her boy leaving the casino area, so we hollered to her. She seemed super bummed about something. More than just out of her boy’s spin tokens without a win; more like she didn’t even know why she had come on the trip to Vegas. It was hard to see her with such a sad face.

Anyway—we got her attention and gave her the stuff she’d left behind. She took three of the tokens Rebecca handed her, turned around and stuck it in a “Wheel of Fortune” slot machine, hit the max bet button and won SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS!

And then I woke up with a massive leg cramp.