Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bad Love

That was me, all day today. I was full of bad love.

Well, not really all day. Eric set me off when he called to cancel his day with Em. Besides the obvious "take it up with my mom" issue, there's the sub-issue of "who gets to break Em's heart today?" And today specifically, there was also the sub-sub-issue of "what are we going to do with Em when we go to our tax appointment?"

Well, we took her with us. Lemme tell you, that was not fun!

My mom drove so I could sit in the back seat and hang out with Em (read: Keep her awake in the car so she'd go to bed at normal time tonight). She had a corn dog and a plastic bag of ketchup. I kept telling her to be careful not to touch my clothes with her food.

And then, with obvious wanton and willful disregard for my warnings, the little bitch laid her ketchup covered corn dog ON MY WHITE SHIRT!

I think livid is an understatement.

And that was only the first of it!

Feh. I'm getting pissed all over again just thinking about what a rotten kid she was today and all the bad love I gave. I think perhaps I'll go crawl in bed next to her. All children are angelic when they sleep, right? Besides, she's warm and soft and smells good. And tomorrow is Friday.

Yay Friday!