Friday, March 24, 2006

Awesome! And LOTS of Pictures

Em and my mom have been gone for a week—they just got home last night. I’m so happy to have my family back where they belong. I missed them like mad.


I’m wearing a new shirt. I like new clothes. They make me happy.


I went to lunch at Round Table today because they have a decent salad bar. One of the other patrons in the restaurant eating pizza was wearing a Pizza Hut t-shirt and name tag. Hahahahaha!


If I were a boy, I could say I’m going balls-to-the-wall. But I’m a girl, so I can’t really use that perplexing phrase. Hmph. Suffice to say I’m very, very busy. I love being this busy. It forces me to compartmentalize things, which in turn keep me sane.


It’s raining AGAIN. I’m getting mighty tired of all this rain. But it’s Friday and my daughter is home and we’re going to a birthday party for my best friend’s son tomorrow, so who cares about the weather? We’re going to have a great weekend—TOGETHER!


Final thing—and the very best news of ALL. You ready? (How cool is this?!) Here goes:

My sister Kate is going to write a book!

She makes gorgeous folk art, and lately she’s been doing paper mâche projects. So a friend asked her if they could do a book together (the friend is already a published author, so she has all the contacts and know-how).

Here are some examples of Kate’s recent projects:
(To enlarge any of the pictures or to see a short slideshow with additional angles, etc., click HERE)

Ocean Girls

Ocean back
Ocean Girls, Back


swing girl
Swing Girl

swing girl back
Swing Girl Back

time out
Time Out

time out back
Time Out Back


ballet back
Ballerinas Back


They’re going to be featured in a show this summer, but after that, they’ll be available for purchase ($250.00 each).

I’m so excited!

(If you want to buy one—or more!—email me.)