Friday, March 17, 2006

Astonishingly Simple

We have this database at our office which our front desk gal checks whenever a customer walks in the door. If there is no existing confidentiality agreement, or if a previous version has expired, she types in the company info and the system automatically generates the contract.

When she prints copies for the customer to sign, our "authorized" company signature is already on the form (it's a scan signature so no one has to chase my boss down to get his real signature).

Well, my boss is leaving his current position in the company. Many, many details, which I'll talk about later. For now though, one of my tasks is to get his name off the confidentiality agreements.

So I called the IT supervisor to ask about this, then provided him with my signature--in black ink on a white piece of paper.

The agreements will now pre-print at the front desk with my signature.

I'm not even an employee here.

No one questioned a thing.

It was astonishingly simple.

(...and I tell you what--our policies on contract signature are gonna change when I graduate law school and become the General Counsel here! 'Cause, man, it shouldn't be that easy to change such an important thing. Without ANY questions.)