Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Weekend, at long last...

I would thank you for your patience, but some of you haven't really been all that patient, now have you?!

Ok, alright. Thanks to everyone ELSE for waiting patiently.

About once a year, my friend Jena and I go to a Scrapbook Expo, or something similar, where we take classes on new techniques, spend copious amounts of money, and work on our scrapbooks. It's always something I look forward to, and this year was no exception.

Rather than going to an expo though, this year we thought we'd try an all-inclusive "crop" session. More time for working on our books, less spending money. Although it was pricey, the cost included hotel for 2 nights, 2 classes, 48 hours of continuous scrapping time, and all our meals except dinner on Saturday, so we figured it was probably about the same cost overall. I haven't asked her yet, but I can say without a doubt I liked this event better!

And this year, we convinced my mom our good friend Jen to join us. Yay!

So we met at 10:00 Friday morning for brunch, then meandered over to Napa, checked into our room, and unloaded our cars right into the scrapping center where we registered for our choice of 2 classes (from a selection of about 10).

We paused at about 3:00 to go upstairs for some wine tasting (along with cheeses, crackers, dips, fruits, and chocolate. Mmmmmmmmmm), then paused again at about 6:00 for dinner, then I ran upstairs yet again at 7:00 for my first class.

After class, it was time for jammies. A room full of women in jammies, working on scrapbooks. It was awesome.

Bedtime the first night? Around 2:30.

Saturday, up by 8:00. Breakfast was horrible. Ugh. I had a 10:00 class though, and right in the middle of it, Jena walked in with a GIGANTIC Starbucks for me. Oh, it's good to be loved!

I don't remember much of Saturday. It seemed to go way too fast. Saturday evening though, Jena, Jen and I went to dinner at a restaurant down the road which is owned by the mother of one of my classmates in law school, so she (classmate, not her mother) and her boyfriend met us there. What an unbelievable dinner we had!

Check it out : We started with a Foie Gras, the Baby Calamari, and 2 other appetizers that aren't on the menu--something with salmon, and a bruschette-type of thing, I think. We ordered a bottle of Barbara, a beautiful red wine which I'd never had before, to share with our entrees; someone had the duck breast, someone had the pork chop, someone had the filet mignon, and two people had the short ribs. Then for dessert, the five of us shared the white chocolate cheesecake, an individual pineapple upsidedown cake, and an order of flan. Oh, and something else. It looks like the internet menu doesn't represent our choices on Saturday. Doesn't matter. It was fabulous!

When we saw the check, we laughed like hell. Oh my god! How did 5 people spend that much money?! My classmate comped half the check, then paid half of what was left, so that left the three of us with a considerably smaller tab, for which we were grateful and thankful--what a fantastic experience!

Oh, right. We were scrapping. Back to the crop room, where more bottles of wine awaited our return... We worked on our books until probably 2:30 or 3:00 again, then crashed. I got up around 9:00 Sunday so I could do some last minute cropping before we had to clean up and go. It's never enough time.

While there, I earned myself some serious brownie points. I made mini-books for Em's father Eric, for his parents, and for his grandmothers (his mom's mom as well as his dad's step mom--Em's great grandmothers). I didn't get pictures of all the layouts yet because I haven't had time, but here's the front of Eric's. If you click on the picture below, it'll make the picture larger.

Front of Eric's Mini-Book

(OR--you could just click HERE to see Eric's entire album, in order, as a set.)

Oh yeah, and I finished my mom's silk sweater. She tried it on this morning; it is BEAUTIFUL!