Thursday, February 23, 2006

That Person

When you’re two weeks away from your degree and your final paper needs editing, I can be that person.

When your boyfriend is in the Middle East and you’re scared for him and missing him and you need a friend, I can be that person.

When you’re planning your wedding and can’t afford your dream dress but can draw a picture if someone could make it for you, I can be that person.

When your father dies and you need someone to cry to, I can be that person.

When your marriage falls apart, I’ll ask the hard questions and I may piss you off, but ultimately, when you need it most, I can be that person.

When you fall in love again, when no one wants to like the new man because he’s taken the place of our friend, when you need your friends to accept him and love him, I can be that person.

But when there is someone else in your life who can not be that person, who has NEVER been that person, who lets you down and hurts you on a regular basis, you can not ask me to be her friend.

I wish I was secure enough in myself. I wish I was mature enough to overcome my prejudices against her. I wish I was strong enough to forgive her for hurting you. I can do and be a lot for you, but I can not be that person.