Sunday, January 29, 2006


I'm so bored with today.

I usually have about dozen or so cases to brief for my homework. This week, for some unknown (and utterly INSANE reason), I have eighteen.

I realize that may not sound like a lot, but considering each brief takes approximately half an hour, suddenly I've gone from 6 hours of homework (more or less) to nine.

And, as if that's not enough to make me question what I'm doing, the very first one I had to do was more than twenty pages long--YIPES!

So in the interest of my continued sanity, I'm going to post two more pictures. Pictures of things I have recently completed. Then I won't force you to look at my knitting anymore.

Or, you know, maybe I will. It's my blog--I get to make and change the rules at will.

Right then... this is the sweater I finished last weekend for my younger sister:
Teri's Pullover

and this is a hat I whipped out last week for a friend from some leftover yarn:
Julie's Hat
(Who knew this hat pattern was so easy?! This only took me two days.)

Ok, alright already. Leave me alone about it--I'm going back to my homework RIGHT NOW. Sheesh.
Pushy bitch.