Sunday, January 08, 2006


Yesterday, my mom and I took Em to an indoor kids play arena ("Toob Town") for a couple of hours. While there, I started knitting on a hat for a friend of mine. It was so fast I was astonished!

Turns out the speed of the hat pattern is a very good thing. When I finished it last night and tried it on, it was kinda snug... so I pulled it all out and will start it over again tonight.

Em went with her dad last night to San Jose to visit his folks, so my mom and I took advantage of the day to finish painting the hallway outside our laundry room. Remember the cabinet pictures I posted waaaaaaay back? (It was July 14th for those of you industrious enough to go look. I'm too lazy to link back.) Anyway, yeah. We finally finished painting in there. When it dries and we take down the blue tape, I'll post pics and link back to the original then.

We also painted Emily's bedroom. No pictures yet. We're having new carpet installed tomorrow, so once I get her furniture back in there, I'll get pics and post them. Probably later in the week--next weekend for sure.

So the upshot is, it's after 5:00 on a Sunday night, I'm totally wiped out, and I haven't started my homework yet. But I don't care, because my mom finally has her finished hallway and my princess has a new forest bedroom.

Life is good.