Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Em woke up at 3:30 last night. She finally fell back to sleep at 7:00—I’ve been tired all day long.

Yesterday, while we were on a walk, she picked up a stick to use as a "gun". (Who teaches this to kids? It must be innate, because I never taught her about guns). Anyway, when it ran out of "fire", she needed to go to the fire hydrant to reload it. Hee hee. Fire hydrant. For gun fire. Ah, she cracks me up!


I’ve had Nanner, Katey, Lois, Kerry, Lynlee, Brighton, & others on my mind a lot lately (in no particular order). I feel like I haven’t connected with them in a long time. It bothers me, but I see you ladies here and at least I know you’re still coming around, so that helps. (Lois, sorry I missed your call—I was in class and my phone was turned off.)

School is hard, and my life is quite lonely. I really love the work I’m doing, but my boss is enough of a control freak that everything I do comes through him and filters back out through him, so I rarely see other people while I’m at work.

Then when I’m not working, it feels like I spend all the rest of my time doing homework. Of course, I’m not, but it feels like it.

Oh, speaking of homework, I don’t think I ever updated you guys on the status of my study partners. Remember right before finals when I got all bitchy because my 2 study partners were flakes? Well, I managed to hook up with another person and it’s been wonderful!

Her name is Rebecca. We study well together, we get along fabulously, we’ve started studying for finals already by meeting every day before class for an hour or so (an hour and a half today) to review last semester’s notes, and we’ve even done some social non-work stuff together.

It’s pretty exciting to have a potential new friend, and we’ve been carpooling to class the last week and a half. So, anyway, yeah—the study partner thing has worked out well finally.

Ok, I really don’t have anything else much to say right now. I’ll try to have pictures of the completed rooms soon. Back to homework. Bye.