Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Picture Time!

Here’s a shot of most of Em’s new “forest” room. I’m standing in the doorway taking the picture, so of course it doesn’t show the trees above the door itself, but they’re beautiful.

Em's Forest Room

She was disappointed though—turns out she wanted a SCARY FOREST, not a pretty forest. Whatever. This is staying for a while! We just have to get curtains and a bedspread and hang up some of her pictures, and her room will be complete.

This is how we rearranged our living room furniture to make the room seem more open and welcoming. We’re quite pleased. (We only have 3 living room walls—where the 4th wall would be is a step up to the entry way instead, so we have a bit of a rough time making everything fit.)

Living Room, Right
(Facing Right)

Living Room, Left
(Facing Left)

And finally, even though I’ve started the knitting blog with Regan and Julie, I’m duplicate posting two of my more recent projects—a sweater for a friend:

Julie's Sweater

and a pair of mittens and matching hat for another friend:

Lovisa's Hat & Mittens
(that’s my cute little sister modeling for me. Thanks!)

With that, I’m back to the books. Class tonight, tomorrow and the next. See you later in the week!