Friday, January 20, 2006


Aside from the fact that Wilson Pickett died, and that majorly SUCKS, this day is shaping up quite nicely. And I'm even more excited about tomorrow!

Tonight, my mom and I are going to my best girlfriend's house to work on our scrapbooks. But Em's dad flaked out and forgot to ask for the night off work, so my mom is going on time and I'll arrive late after Eric comes to watch Em after he gets done.

That means I get the best of both worlds: A night with Emily that she'll consider "just us", as well as play time with my big-girl friends. Yay for Me!

And then there's tomorrow...
I honestly don't know how this happened. My sister's husband's last day at his job was Friday. Tuesday he started student teaching (he's sooooooooo close to being done with his credential!), so that means he gets home earlier in the day. Yay for Them!

So my dad, who has to go to a medical conference in Berkeley tomorrow, found someone to watch Kate and Jeff's kids until Jeff gets home this afternoon, and then he told Kate he was taking her to the City with him for an overnight. Yay for Her!

So Kate calls me and says, "Hey, Dad and I are coming to The City. We're going to spend the night with Teri [our younger sister], but Dad has this thing in Berkeley and Teri has to study on Saturday morning for an exam next week. Wanna hang out in the park?"

So... I came to work, asked for Monday off, rearranged my weekend (Sunday will be my play day with Em, Monday I'll spend the day doing homework instead of being in the office), and voila, I have a day to spend with my sister-WITHOUT ANY CHILDREN AROUND!!!! Yay for US!

The only thing I have to do differently to accommodate the day is work 5 hours Tues-Fri next week instead of 4. I think I can swing it, don't you?

(And don't you just love little surprises that make life good?)