Sunday, December 04, 2005

Social Animal

I'm a very social person--I always have been.

Spending day after day all alone is not easy, even if I'm busy studying.

So I decided in order to study effectively, I need to take a break. (Do you follow the logic, my friend?)

I called my girlfriend to see if she could sneak away from the family for an hour or so this evening so we could grab a cuppa and maybe a dessert.

Wanna know how cool she is?

She invited me to her house for dinner! So I'll get my fix of social (she and her husband have two great kids), AND it won't cost me anything!

Oh, and the very best part... you ready for this? I don't have to get "going out" dressed up. I can just slip on my jeans and I'm good to go. Heck, I could probably go in my jammie bottoms and slippers if I wanted to (I've done it before), but I think after this many days on my own, I need not only to get out of the house, but I need to actually get dressed.

Hello Humanity! I'm rejoining your ranks for a little while in just a couple of hours!