Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Last night was the most normal night I've had in months. I went to bed before midnight and got up before 8:30 (mind you, both of those hours are actually earlier than I've been going to bed or getting up lately).

I feel so... normal!

Today and tomorrow I'm going to work. What job, you ask? Well I'm glad you asked! It seems that my services are needed once again at the contracting position. When Bill the Boss told me (about 5 weeks ago) that he couldn't guarantee 20 hours a week anymore, I thought it was for good. Turns out it was for about a month. Now, we're back on.

I couldn't be happier with the timing! A month off work (or, you know, on serious part-time) just in time for my finals, and then right as they end, he needs me again.

So for this and next week, and the month of January at least, I'll be working half days and getting paid regularly. I'm liking the idea of a paycheck--you have no idea how much I'm liking that.

In the interim, "we" purchased another company. There's a gal there who does what I do, but Bill doesn't refer to her as my replacement, he refers to her as my counterpart. I'm choosing to believe that's a good sign. He wants me to teach this gal how to do my job. I don't know if that's because he's an uber-control-freak and wants it done the way I'm doing it so he can "know it's right", or if it's one of those, "you belong to us, you do it our way now" things, or what. But like I said, I'm going to pretend for now that it means only good things for me.

When all the dust settles from the purchase, it's possible (I'm not going to say "likely" 'cause I might jinx it)... it's possible there will be a position for me. I'd be happy to stick with 20 hours a week. It's all I really need. The biggie though would be getting insurance again. I worry about not having any. So, anyway, keep your fingers crossed for that.

And on that happy note, before we even hit 7:00 am, I'm going to get ready for work--just like a NORMAL PERSON!

See you soon.