Monday, December 05, 2005

It gets better

I was having a bit of a crap day earlier. My regular study partner lives more than an hour north of here and stays sometimes during the school week. Well, not really “sometimes” so much as “lately”, and more for exam studying really. Anyway she told me on Friday that she was going home for the weekend to get a Christmas tree and, you know, just generally plug back into being at home for a while. Perfectly understandable. But I know I don’t study well alone, so I arranged a backup study plan for Saturday.

Friday evening, the Saturday gal called and said she wasn’t prepared, would I mind moving our meeting to Sunday; she’d call me on Saturday night to confirm. Yeah, sure. I don’t have a problem with that. Saturday afternoon, I called another classmate to see what his study plans were. Between previously made plans and work, he had no spare time. But that was ok, ‘cause someone was coming on Sunday.


Saturday evening, no call. Sunday morning I called her. Sunday afternoon, I called her two more times. Sunday night, around 9:00 I called again. No answer.

By the time I made the second call, I was pretty sure the plan was a bust, so I called the gal I usually share briefs with. No answer on her end either. Damn.

I feel like I got stood up three times in two days!

I only have so much study time though, so I tried to make the best of it. I took three practice exams this afternoon. Timed myself on each one and figured out what I need to do better. I’ll take a couple more tomorrow. Unless someone FINALLY decides to come study with me! Sheesh…

I called my mom after the stand-ups and two of the practices so I could whine a bit. Moms rock. She the one who suggested I invite my best girlfriend out for a coffee and dessert, which, as you already know, ended up turning into a dinner invitation.

I’d just like to make a public proclamation that my friend Jena makes the most delicious, moist, tender, yummy pork tenderloin in the known universe! Mmmmm.

As if that wasn’t enough goodness to counteract my icky day, Varla Vixen called (hi Varla!). Now, neither one of us are particular phone people. I mean, my preferred method of communication is email, but a quick, down to business, nuts and bolts phone call is fine every so often. We stayed on the phone for nearly an hour! And I’m pleased to report we arranged a meet up date before we hung up the phone. Yay!

Then I went back to the living room to find a bowl of green soup—I forgot that I had served myself some mint chocolate chip ice cream right before the phone rang. Hahahaha. OOPS!

Of course I ate it anyway.

Then I watched the first episode of the West Wing in 3 weeks (not bad, not bad). Season 5 is out on DVD starting on Tuesday. You know, if anyone wants to buy me a Christmas present… hint hint… I already have the first four seasons.

Oh, then I hopped into my supersonic jet, flew backward in time, and watched Grey’s Anatomy with Brighton, just like we planned earlier in the day. So, Brighton, could you believe when she…? Oh, sorry. I won’t go on—don’t want to ruin it for the rest of you.

And now it’s just past midnight, I’m feeling pretty good, though tired, and am crossing my fingers that a study partner shows up tomorrow. If not, I might just have to call one of you guys. Heh heh heh…