Monday, December 26, 2005


Christmas eve, after jammies were on, Emily had a monumental temper tantrum, so she stayed at home (with my mom ) instead of coming to look at lights with us.

The way it ended up shaking out--lucky us--was Kate's husband and kids in one car and the three sisters in the other car. We saw some of the most fantastic light displays, but the best one (because what followed made us laugh so hard) was a simple red-light "Love" sign. I read it out loud, turned my head to Kate, cocked it to one side and said (as sappily as possible), "it's the reason for the season!", to which Teri replied, "Jesus, Jesus, Bo-Besus, Banana-Fana, Fo-Fesus..."

OH MY GOD! We absolutely couldn't stop laughing. I had to pull over and wipe tears from my eyes. Only by the grace of God did I not pee my pants!

Of course, the mood had been set, so we had to continue. I reminded my sisters that all Christmas Carols are funny when they're done in a chicken cluck. So we clucked Jingle Bells, Silent Night, Joy to the World, and O Holy Night. Then, just to make sure it wasn't an event only to be replayed at Christmastime, we tried it with a secular song and clucked out Barbara Ann. Hahahahahaha! (For the record, that one is really hard to cluck.)

Christmas was equally awesome. Yeah, it was great. We got up waaaay too early, opened our stocking presents, the entire family had breakfast together as the children BEGGED us to hurry, then about 10:00 we started opening presents.

We took a couple breaks throughout the day.

This is a LONG process in our family.

We finally finished opening presents at 3:00 in the afternoon, then sat down for dinner at 4:00. Someone initiated a toast (I don't remember who), I caught Kate's eye while the glasses were raised and mouthed, "Love, it's the reason for the season!"-about half way through, she started again with the "Jesus, Jesus, Bo-Besus" song. It took two lines before the ENTIRE family joined in. God I love my family! We are irreverant, but we love each other and we're a hell of a lot of fun.

Today we went to the Mission (it's one of our favorite places here), then Jeff took all the kids into town while Kate and I came home together. We've been working on a jigsaw puzzle. I took a quick break to send my love to all of you, and now everyone is home so I gotta go help with dinner.

What a joyful season, indeed. I'm happy. I hope you are, too.