Saturday, December 17, 2005

Big Girl Birthday Party

So, Emily, how old are you now?

“I’m five. Duh!”

Oh, that’s right. Damn—how’d that happen so fast?

This was Em’s first “big girl” birthday party. That is, it was the first party with other kids and no adults (other than the other kids’ moms, who happen to be two of my closest friends. Whew!). The sight of the decorations and the table set for a party were a little overwhelming, so she decided to examine her buttons instead.

Taking it all in

We played “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” (which, modernly, has become “Stick the Tail on the Donkey”, because no pins are involved anymore. God forbid a kid gets poked and there’s a lawsuit. Sheesh). Then we opened presents—tons and tons of wonderful gifts! And then we had some truly delicious cake.

After the kids were sufficiently amped on sugar, some of them discovered the piano:

Piano with Friends
(Those are Joey and Jordana sitting at the piano, and of course Em standing. And no, those beautiful blonde kids are NOT related to each other!)

So much more, but we are all very tired now, and all the rest of the photos were taken on film.

Ok, Whew! Tomorrow is her actual birthday, and tomorrow night is her family dinner, etc. I'll try to get more pics of the familia.

Then, on to CHRISTMAS!

I’ll post again very soon.