Sunday, November 06, 2005

Woke up, Got out of Bed...

I had a dream last night that three of my six guppy babies died. I was upset and it kept me awake for a while, but when I fell back to sleep I had another, better dream. In this one, V. and I were preparing party trays because I was helping V. host Lois Lane's first book signing.

That's right, Lois Lane got herself a book deal and in the middle of her crazy, whirl-wind North American book signing tour, she scheduled a blog-stop in New Mexico where V. graciously opened her house to Lois and all fellow bloggers who wanted autographed editions of the book. It was pretty fucking cool.

So I got up this morning and decided to shake it off--get my ass in gear, as it were. It's now just past 2 and I've already completed my homework for Tuesday night's class. Hee hee! I'm feeling pretty good about myself just this moment.

That means y'all get the benefit. Here's last weekend:

Kate turned 40 on 10/30, so we threw her a party the day before--here's the entry way in the house all decorated--

Birthday Decorations

Did I mention that we had a jumpy-house? It was such a hit at Story's birthday in August that we decided to repeat it. Here's a picture of a very, very happy 4 year old in a jumpy house:

Em's Bliss

The next day, Kate's actual birthday, I went to do homework while Kate, her husband Jeff, our mom, and all the kids carved pumpkins. Here they are completed:


Later that afternoon, Kate henna'd my hair red. She also did a clear henna on our mom. We're not sure how impressed she was with the process, but I like the color mine turned out. No pics though--sorry.

Still later, after Emily crashed, we "painted" the Dia de los Muertos sugar skulls that Jeff had prepared earlier in the day. Unsurprisingly, Kate's turned out the best:

Kate's Skull

I looked on Kate's flickr site for Halloween pictures, and while I found a few of her family posed in costumes, I didn't find Em posing, nor did I find any while the kids were making the rounds. Like I said, when I get my film developed, I may post 'em then.

In the meantime, enjoy these. I'll probably be around a bit more than normal this week, considering I have no job.

Happy weekend!

(P.S. Every photo on today's post was taken by my sister.)