Monday, November 14, 2005

Pictures and Words

I am wearing pink underwear, and for some reason that makes me unreasonably happy.

On Friday, Emily wanted my mom to make chocolate chip cookies. She pulled out Jane Brody’s Good Food Cookbook. She said, "It says good food and chocolate chip cookies are good food, so that’s where the recipe is, right?" Brilliant girl.

I took a break from all things work and school related on Friday so I could hang out with her. It was rainy, so I took her to the McDonalds playland. She was so excited that this is how she dressed herself:


We stayed at McDonalds for nearly 2 ½ hours. I got her a happy meal which she nibbled on the whole time we were there. I got to knit. Yay!

(Playing with the happy meal toy)

Although there were between 10-20 other kids there at various times, and although Emily tried to interact with them, it seems she doesn’t really know how to ingratiate herself into an existing clique. Here she is in the top of the tower, calling out to other children while they ignored her (mean little bastards):


Saturday, my little sister took a break from medical school and came up for a visit. Here are my two favorite red-heads hanging out together:


Before Teri arrived, Em and I went to the pet store to buy a new home for the guppies. Remember the fish I didn’t want? Yeah, well, my unemployed poor self just spent another $65 on the little fuckers—but Emily is so happy, I couldn't resist:


(And look how big the babies are getting! Click on the picture to see notes.)

Guppie Puppies

In other unrelated news, as if any of the above is really related anyway, I finished two projects this weekend. And like the pink underwear, that makes me unreasonably happy (did you see how I brought that around full circle? I tell ya, people pay good money to learn literary tricks like that).

Phoebe, if you’re reading, you might want to stop right now. The first picture below is a blanket I made for my cousin Jessie, who is due with her first baby in about 4 more weeks, and the last picture is Phoebe’s daughter, Lydia’s, Christmas present.

Duck Blanket

Lydia's Sweater

I’m sure you’ll be surprised to hear I have a busy week. I’ll check in as soon as I can.