Thursday, October 13, 2005


I really don't have much to speak of. Life is pretty dry lately. Not even any good jokes.

I'm tired. I like my classes, but I'm tired... like all the way down to my bones.

Oh--here's something: My computer at home (the primary desktop that's the "hub" of our wireless network) completely bit it. It's been infected for a while now. I knew I had the "Aurora" virus and I couldn't figure out a way to clean it up. Looks like I missed my window of opportunity.

Now when I turn on my computer I can see the picture I have as my desktop background, but I can't see any menu bars or any desktop icons. I even put the OS software disk in the drive intending reload the software completely, even if I had to overwrite everything on my computer. I didn't know what else to do. But it didn't respond to the CD. Damn.

Basically, I have a very expensive paperweight taking up a LOT of space on my desk.

Good thing I have the laptop for school... though that doesn't help my mom any.

Do any of you know how I might be able to fix this problem for super cheap or free? I have all my original OS software, Programs, and Drivers.