Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Wimper Whine

I was talking to my sister on the phone about a particularly disturbing case from last night's Criminal Law class and I got all flustered. I locked my keys in the car. Damnit.

Thank the techno-gods that cell phones exist 'cause none of my neighbors were home. I called AAA. They said it could be up to a 90 minute wait (they were here and gone in 20 minutes, but that's beside the point).

An hour and a half--and I had to pee, I had to get homework finished, and I had to grab a bite to eat. Oh yeah, and it's HOT today! So I climbed in through a window.

May I tell you how hard it is for a fat girl to climb through a window? I mean, I'm not particularly bendy to begin with, and there's a lot of ME to heft up to that outside window sill, but the damp rosebed below the window certainly didn't help.

On my first attempt, I nearly made it into the window when the chair I was standing on slid in the goo and I went down with it--sliding along the exterior wall of the house. I managed to get in (about 5 minutes before Mr. AAA showed up), but I have a ginormous abrasion and bruise along my right side--from about my waist to almost my knee. The most painful portion being, of course, the side of my butt.