Sunday, September 18, 2005

Make Mine a Double

Em and my mom have been at Kate's house--they're coming home today.

Yesterday, or maybe it was the day before, Kate mentioned on IM that they were going to make cookies. Yesterday I asked my mom on IM if she would bring me one home. Nope, they were all gone. I accused them of being cookie fiends, to which my mom laughed and replied, "She only made one batch".

One batch? You mean you don't HAVE to double the recipe? Hmph. Go figure.

It never seemed worth my while to pull out all the baking supplies for a single batch of cookies that would be gone in one afternoon. Then again, since I quit smoking and gained fourty pounds, I haven't made ANY cookies because I just don't want them hanging around the house for a week taunting me. Maybe the single batch is the answer.

I never even thought of that before. It will be strange to ignore the markings in the margins of my recipe card--the familiar scrawls that tell me how to double or triple the quantity--but I suppose if it ends up being just too difficult a task I could always give away the remainders.

I submit this as proof to you, my internet friends, that I am such a dork sometimes.

Ok, shut up. You're laughing entirely too loud.