Thursday, September 08, 2005

Every day for the last three weeks

Every day for the last three weeks I have called the financial aid people to see what more they need to release my check.

Every day for the last three weeks, I'm told, "Oh, just one more thing."

Every day for the last three weeks I have jumped through their hoops, sending them "one more thing" by fax; learning the next day that fax is insufficient; re-sending the "one more thing" by next-day mail (in an effort to speed up the process).

Every day for the last three weeks I'm told, "You should get your money this week", but I haven't yet.

Today I lost it. I yelled at the woman (girl?) on the phone. I told her I'm a LAW STUDENT; I told her I already have a MASTER'S DEGREE; I told her I'm a CONTRIBUTING MEMBER OF SOCIETY. I told her despite what her supervisors may agree with, she needs to tell me NOW exactly what they need from me. Not the NEXT thing they need... EVERYTHING they need.

I reminded her that she's not doing me a service--I'm paying for this goddamned student loan--so she needs to get off her fat ass, walk over to the fucking fax machine RIGHT NOW and pick up the form I'm sending over. I don't want to wait another twenty-fucking-four hours for them to "Log In" the incoming fax. That's crap. It's bullshit. It's a waste of my time and hers.

It's September 8th. I haven't paid my bills that were due 3 weeks ago because my check was, at that time, a week late. It's September 8th and I haven't paid my mortgage yet.

I fucking hate people sometimes.