Saturday, September 03, 2005

Creepy Crawlies

We have ants in our kitchen. And they're walking from the coffeemaker, up the wall, around the corner, and into the living room. I have NO IDEA what they're looking for, but I can't seem to make them go away. I'm seriously starting to think about poison.

Oh--and they're in my sewing room, too. Along the countertop from the pantry cupboard, across where my computer keyboard sits (yeah, I have the willies right now... ICK), in front of BOTH my sewing machines, and just past the empty space where I do my homework.


I wanted to blog, sew, and do homework today. Shit.

On the plus side, my mom went to fill up her gas tank this morning and discovered that gas is only $2.88 at our local Costco. Not bad, not bad.

I don't read very many blogs regularly anymore--not because I don't adore you all, but just because I don't have the time with all the homework. Would someone let me know how all our Southern friends (most especially Se7en) are doing? I've been worried like mad.

Thanks & have a great weekend.