Thursday, August 25, 2005


Eric came over yesterday to hang with Em so my mom and I could go to San Francisco for the afternoon. After a quick diversion through the Starbucks drive-through, we left town around 2:00. Shortly before 3:00, we arrived at my sister’s place, ooh’d and aah’d appropriately (she just moved a few weeks ago—it’s coming together nicely), then headed down to the Masonic Center to see The Universe Within exhibit.

Absolutely fascinating and a little bit disturbing.

If you don’t know anything about it, click here

(Aside: The REAL exhibit to see is Body World. It’s still in Chicago for 2 more weeks, Cleveland for 4, and also going to Toronto and Philadelphia. Check it out)

The one we went to was good, but not great.

The thing is, they’ve drawn some bad press recently. It seems there’s some question as to how the bodies were obtained. And I must say, with all the negative human rights stories we hear coming out of China, it had me thinking... it had me nervous... it had me a little bit anxious about the ancestral spirits that might have been lurking around, if you know what I mean.

And I had to wonder, as we stood there looking at definably Asian men and women (and I mean that really—facial features were discernable, down to beard hairs still present in some cases) whose muscles had been flayed or whose bodies had been dissected and displayed, how did the Asian people looking at the exhibit react to it? Specifically the Chinese people. Were they as disturbed as I was? More so? Perhaps I’m far too PC living in Northern California, and maybe they weren’t bothered at all. But I don’t think so.


Anyway. That's quite enough thinking for now.

Afterward, we went to Japan-town and had sushi, then we came home. Uneventful drive home (except that "how do I" phone call from Regan; got your knitting all squared away there, Noodle?), calendared some weekends for Eric and Em, then crawled off to bed.

And that was Wednesday.