Saturday, August 06, 2005

Saturday Update

Someone asked about the color of paint in the room. It's not pink, it's orange. In fact, it's 2 different shades of orange. The darker one (the wall with the closet) is a Ralph Lauren paint called "Aquinnah Sunset", and the lighter one (the walls wtih the counters and the window, as well as the ceiling) is the dark cut to 3/4 intensity with white. The fourth wall is Ralph Lauren "Summer Phlox"--a very deep purple.


Ok--the baseboards are in the sewing room. I didn't put them in the laundry room yet because we still have to paint in there.

We have this bump in our wall's kind of a special little nightmare when installing baseboards. And the door mouldings have been painted about half a million times in the last 40-or-so years, so they don't sit flush anymore. Feh. What I'm trying to say is that my baseboards look great in the MIDDLE of each wall, but near the doors they look kinda ill-fitted. Whatever.

I can't find my nail-sink. Drat. That means that when I said "the baseboards are in" way up at the top there I was only half telling the truth. They're in, but every 9 or 10 inches they have a nail sticking out about a quarter of an inch.

It's after 3:00 and I'm still fucking around with these BASEBOARDS! Wanted to have this room together so I could be sewing by now! It's gonna be a long day....