Monday, August 08, 2005

Random Bits

Em calls the kids who lived down the street until last weekend her very best friends. I’m not quite as fond of them as she is. Their names are Austin and Brianna. Both, in my oh-so-humble opinion, are very pretentious names. I must say though, Brianna is cool enough to carry it off, even at the tender age of six. Austin, who is four and a half, isn’t that cool.

I mean, AUSTIN makes me think of Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man (or the Twenty-Four Million Two Hundred Six Thousand and Eighty Dollar Man in today’s money--no shit, I looked it up), or Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery, or Austin-Healey, one of the coolest cars ever, or even Austin, Texas, arguably the hippest town in that whole big ol’ state. But this kid... I dunno. He’s just not that cool.

Maybe he’ll grow into it.


I saw one of the oddest forms of vanity a couple weeks ago and I haven’t been able to get past it. While walking around the Sunset District in San Francisco, I passed by an older Asian couple. The woman had beautiful silver streaks in her hair, but the man’s hair was still jet-black. As I neared and then passed them, I could see that about a quarter inch of his completely-grey roots were showing!

I don’t know why that struck me as so odd. I guess I only imagine women being so vain.


I didn’t sleep well last night (doesn’t look like I’m going to get to bed early tonight either to make up for it. Oh well.) and was vexed with bizarre dreams. [Aside: Isn't "vexed" just a freaking cool word?! People should use archaic, cool words more often. Ok, I'm done.] In one of the flashes of dream, Jessica, my former roommate of 9+ years, you remember—-the one who just moved out in June-—asked if she could move back in. She said it was too expensive to live on her own. The water bill was killing her. I told her she could stay on the sofa for a few nights if she needed to but that we had already converted her room into a space we weren’t willing to share. I'm so mean in my dreams!

I also dreamed we came up with a brilliant way to recycle all the grey water in our house, but when I awoke I forgot the plan. Shit. That would have been cool 'cause our water rates were just increased by the city. Shit again.

Oh, but this was the best dream and it doesn't have to do with the water bill: Emily and I were out trick-or-treating in coordinating Mother-Daughter costumes. I was a butterfly and she was a caterpillar. Hahahahahahaha! Aaah, that still makes me laugh!


Our sewing room still isn’t together. I don’t want to talk about it. When it is (and when I can find my digital camera again—-because Emily has "borrowed" it and I don't know where it landed), I’ll post pictures. Until then, just cool your jets.

Oy. I have more to say, but I’m wiped out. Gonna go to bed now. Talk at you more later.

Jena, if you're reading, sorry about last Friday. Have fun, hugs to the hubby, kids & yer mom, and I'll see you next week.