Thursday, August 11, 2005

First the Good News:

The cabinet installers finally came back yesterday to complete the job. Our sewing room cabs are now officially done.

Then my next door neighbor, a retired electrician, came over and installed our new fan light. Yay! It’s beautiful. Now the only thing keeping our sewing room from being complete is sheer laziness. I’m not ready to schlep all those bookshelves—-not to mention all those BOOKS! But we’ll finish it up soon.

I’ve been busy sewing doll clothes the last few days. Some seriously cute stuff! I can’t post pictures yet because they’re presents for my niece’s birthday and I wouldn’t want her to see them on the computer screen if my sister happens to be reading/looking. But after the weekend I’ll post. They’re damn cute!

Speaking of the weekend, we’re going to start ours at about 1:00 today. YAY! I get off work at 11:30, gotta run a couple of quick errands (gas for the car, stuff like that), then I’ll run home, load the car with clothes, presents & family, and head out to Kate’s. We’ll be there until Monday.

Oh, of course, thanks for asking—-I’d love to tell you the weekend schedule!

Friday: Clean Kate’s house, make a cake for Storey’s birthday party, go to Farmer’s Market, go the café.

Saturday: Party.

Sunday: Go into Santa Barbara to meet Michael, Inanna, and AJ for lunch. Envious? Yeah, you should be! (hee hee)

Monday: Come home.

Now for the bad news:
Oh, wait. It seems there isn't any!

Be nice to each other while I'm gone.

And that, folks, is all she wrote...