Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sunday, Glorious Sunday

I have had a nearly perfect day.

Yesterday my mom and I re-painted the cupboards in the short hallway between our laundry room and our sewing room. They look SOOO much better!

Yesterday afternoon, my best girlfriend came over and we scrapbooked together until past midnight. Me, my friend, our scrapbooks, 2 pks of Pringles, and a good bottle of wine.

Then I slept in. I looooove sleeping in! (As you've no doubt guessed, Em spent this weekend with her father.)

After I woke up and blogged with my coffee (shut up--it's better than smoking and you do it too!), I hung up the cupboard doors from yesterday, then altered a bridesmaid dress. The skirt was too long, the straps were too long, too, and the bustline was all wrong. Now, the color of the photograph notwithstanding, it looks fantastic! (Of course it doesn't hurt that the gal wearing it is HOT--but please refrain from comment. I've known this girl since she was 7. Her mom and I are friends. Shut your filthy mouth.)




Let's see... then I sewed 4 pairs of shorts for Emily (so cute!), put some button holes in 2 dresses my mom's making (my machine makes better button holes than hers does), worked a bit more on Em's fleece blanket (too hot), and fixed a couple of jacket sleeves that were binding. Basically, I got to be at my sewing machine all blissful day. I love being able to sew uninterrupted. It makes me very happy.

So while I was sewing, I dug into my music archives & pulled out some stuff I haven't heard in a while. I listened to Joan Osbourn, Joan Armatrading, Simply Red, Allison Moyet, The Specials, Richard Thompson, Grissman & Garcia...oh just all sorts of old stuff. Some of it was better than I remembered, some of it worse. All part of my musical make-up though, so I enjoyed it all very much.

Do you ever do "Secret Supremes"? You know--when you're all alone, like in your car (or in your sewing room--shut up, it could happen), and you turn up the music REALLY loud and sing along at the top of your lungs. Yeah, I thought you did. I did too. All weekend. It was awesome.