Friday, July 08, 2005

Poor Little-Bird

My Little-Bird is just learning how to not nap in the afternoons.

(Aside: Why do we do this? Perhaps we should all learn from the young ones. Perhaps we should all begin to take afternoon naps.)

It's making for some rough evenings. Dinners are especially challenging. Lots of "I HATE THAT", even if she loved it the night before. And an equal number of, "Emily Antoinette, sit in your chair during dinner!"

Last night, after a nearly-smooth dinner and an almost-uneventful bath, we were sitting together watching a DVD of Silly Songs. Suddenly I felt a damp warmth on my thigh. It took a minute to figure it out (to soak in, so to speak--har har har). Once I realized what it was, I jumped up, swooped up Emily under the armpits, and started yelling, "Em, STOP! Honey, you're PEEING on me!" as we ran toward the bathroom.

She was scared by the quickness with which I moved, as well as the realization that she had just pissed on her mother's leg, so she clung to me while aligator tears streamed down her little rosy cheeks. Through her choking sobs, she cried, "Oh Mommy! Oh Mmmmommmyyy! I, I, I... I just love you SO MUCH!"

Poor little thing was so overcome with emotions she didn't know what to say. My poor Little-Bird.

After we changed ourselves (and I put a diaper on her for the night) and we went back to the DVD I started thinking about it. She was so distraught and all she could think of was to tell me how much she loves me. That was her coping mechanism; that was her safe place. Awwwww.

Now y'all know I'm not overly sentimental, but I swear it brought a tear to my eye. Shut up, you'd cry too. As long as her love is that pure and strong, she can pee on my leg any ol' time.

But only if it's an accident....

"I can draw a butterfly!" March 14, 2005