Saturday, July 02, 2005

Good Girl

I've worked very hard today not to raise my voice or swear at Emily. So far, so good--and there's only an hour and a half to bedtime. Yay!

I did withhold her nap. At around 4:00, she actually asked for one, but I said no. Of course she cried, so I held her and rocked her, then we watched 2 episodes of "Fairly Odd Parents" together (I'm not much for cartoons, but that one gets my funnybone for some inane reason).

Now she's completely zoned out in front of something else. We were cooking dinner together (pizza--mmmmmm!), but she wandered away. Too tired to stay focused I think.

Tomorrow we'll go to SF to meet up with Michael, Varla, and Leese. Monday, Em's dad is coming over for dinner and to do fireworks with us. It should be nice.

Tuesday, the place I'm contracting is closed, so I'm going to head up to another job for a day. That means I won't be around on the blog or on IM. Don't freak in my absence--I'll be back Tuesday night.

I'll be in and out of blogland through the weekend and will post about tomorrow, um, probably tomorrow night. Depends on Em's sleep pattern. Have yourselves a lovely Independence Day weekend and I'll catch y'all after the celebrations die down. Hugs.

Oh yeah--Em got her fish today. Three guppies. She LOVES them.
Me: "Emily, don't put your hands in the fish bowl." "Hey, Emily--I said don't put your hands in the fish's water!" "Eeeemmmiiilllyyyyyy. You're not listening to me, are you?"
Em: "What Mom? I'm petting my fish!"
Me: "Emily, why is your hair all wet in front?"
Em: "I was kissing my fish."
Funny kid.