Thursday, June 23, 2005

Stuff What Made Us Laugh

A feeling a person has at the end of a 3-day music festival: Post Live Oak Depression, also known as PLOD. I'm trudging my way through it.
A conversation that made me and Kate giggle so hard even though it wasn't that funny:
A: "There's a preponderance of red-heads here. It's weird."
K: "It's not that weird. It's a popular color right now."
A: "Yeah, but not died red-heads, real ones, with skin to match. You know. Pasty white people."
K: "Maybe there's just a preponderance of pasty white people here."


Shut up, I told you it wasn't that funny. We still both laughed so hard we nearly peed.
Another thing that made me and Kate giggle so hard even though it wasn't that funny:

My dad has an old shade-structure. It's supposed to be easy to put up, but NONE of the aluminum poles are marked in any way whatsoever. We decided to surprise everyone and try to put it together.

We got the top figured out. Not that hard. We figured we'd put the legs half way up, throw the shade over the top, then finish with the height. Riiiight... Got one leg in, two legs, ooh, three legs... looking good... fourth leg! Oh, wait, damnit--grab that leg that fell out. Got it. Shit--what about that other one. Wait! NOOO! Fuck, the top just came apart on the other side. Hang on, we can do this... quick, hold it over here, shit, too slow...

And on like that for about 10 minutes.

With a few breaks during which we had to double over with laughter.

We eventually got the thing up, and do you think our ungrateful family even thanked us? Bastards.
The thing that made me laugh THE HARDEST all weekend:

I was reprimanding Em for something--who knows what--when my dad looked straight at me, and in pretend seriousness said, "You Bitch!" OH.MY.GOD!!! I could not stop laughing!

Ok, well, you gotta know my dad to know why that's funny, but he was laughing pretty damn hard too.
The job I'm liking the most: The one I made up. LOVING it!
The job I'm liking second best: Sewing. It's more fun, but it has no social element and doesn't pay as well. The cushion covers I finished for a customer/friend last week turned out beautifully. Go check the picture blog if you want to see them. (**Shameless Plug**)
The job I'm liking the least: Doing some database management for a friend. The law firm where she works is moving in August and they need their database confirmed, cleaned, etc. Ugh. But it's money, and I'm not going to turn that down.
Government agency I hate the most EVER: Employment "Development" Department. Sha, right. Development my ass. Fuckheads denied my claim. Excuse me--I'm employed again. Do you think I'm trying to scam you or something? My entire goddamned department was let go, you fucking asshats. Give me my whopping TWO WEEKS of unemployment benefits! Sheesh.
The most money I've ever spent in one week when not buying a house:
$3600 on new cabinets for my sewing room;
$1500 for new floors in my sewing room;
$150 on new paint for my former roommate's bedroom;
$120 for curtains for the same room;
$500 on new carpet for the same room;
Unknown amount of money to purchase a curtain rod and to have a beautiful throw rug cleaned for that room.
The day I'm least looking forward to in the next month: My birthday. Just not all that interested this year. Can't say why. It's not even here and it's already anti-climactic.
The busiest day in my calendar for 2005: Tomorrow.
7:30-11:30, work at new job
12:00-1:30, lunch with girlfriend
1:30-4:30, work with another girlfriend on the database thing
5:00-8:00, Emily's school pot-luck at the park
8:00-12:00, scrapbooking with Jena and the girls.

Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it... I guess I should go to bed, huh? Ok then, catch y'all on the flip side!


(p.s. Today is my blogiversary. Thanks for sticking with me!)