Thursday, May 26, 2005


Ok, first of all, thank you guys for remembering that I can't read Haloscan comments unless I'm at home.

Secondly, thanks for your support. I know it's a bit of an odd request, but I really do want to get laid off from this god-forsaken place. It's intolerable.

As of yesterday afternoon, we still hadn't been let go. Through various snippets, we were able to piece together that it'll most likely happen Friday (when there is a manager around to take our badges and laptops away from us). But yesterday, while trying to determine my payout (that is, how many vacation hours I had banked), I discovered that my online payroll had been zeroed out completely!

I asked my colleagues to check their stats, too. Everyone in the Training Department showed up as a zero. Everyone in Technical Publications, however, still showed their accurate vacation, sick, and personal hours remaining. Hmmm--I confronted our HR rep.

She's a moron and an idiot if she really thinks we're so stupid we can't figure this out. Sheesh. It's more offensive to be treated like I'm dumb than it is to be let go from a place I've grown to hate. At least I know the latter isn't personal.

Anyway, I called in sick today. I'm fine, but Em has been sick since Sunday afternoon. I took her to get a strep test on Tuesday morning, but it came back negative yesterday, so this morning I took her back to the doctor. She has an unnamed viral infection in her throat. She'll be fine, but antibiotics won't do anything to ease her pain or make her better. Actually, as of right now, she's avoiding bedtime and back to her usual fiesty self. In fact, she's going to school tomorrow.

I heard rumour while I was out today that the corporate office announced they would extend the "Good" layoff package through the end of the year. Now my biggest fear is that they may decide to keep us and NOT lay us off tomorrow.


If you're the prayin' kind, beseach your god on my behalf. I don't want to have to quit 'cause then I won't get the severance package, but I will if I have to...

Again, thank you all for your good wishes and kind thoughts. I'll be a much happier person when this is over with.