Monday, May 30, 2005


I haven't done much with my weekend. Ok, that's not true, I've done a lot. Em and I went to the home of one of my former co-workers on Saturday (she got let go the same time my best friend did a few months ago). A bunch of her neighbors and other friends were there. They have a GREAT BIG blow up slide (very cool contraption) which all the kids played on, but I didn't get a single photo. Whatever. I was busy drinking.

Sunday, my Mom, Em and I went to Home Depot to buy new cabinetry for our sewing room. We don't like what we have now, it sits too high and hurts our shoulders. Since sewing is about to become a MAJOR source of income, we better be comfortable! While there, we were overwhelmed by the beautiful rose bushes for sale. Oh, speaking of rose bushes, have I shown you my little Cecil Bruner rose bush? You remember--the one I waited 18 years to get because I needed a good place to grow it. Yeah, well, I got a bareroot bush earlier this year, and it's growing up into a happy little plant!

Here is the strip of garden flowers to the right of our front door:

and here is a close-up of the section with my beautiful Cecil Bruner (it's a climbing tea-rose that grows in light pink clusters and has the most incredible scent ever!). It hasn't started blooming yet, but I've no doubt it will soon--see how tall it's getting already?!

Oh right... the new roses. Well, here's a picture of one of them that we purchased on Sunday; it also has a beautiful scent:
New Yellow Rose

Uh, let's see... Monday, I slept until 10:00, then I talked to Celti on the phone again, then I studied for a while while my mom & Em ran errands (I do have a final tomorrow night, ya know), then went to see what my mom was working on. I'm not sure what the bucket of water is for, but I thought this was a very cute picture anyway:
Em and Bai Yah with a Bucket

Right, then I blew up the pool for Emily. It was harder than it sounds. The damn thing was so filthy--we had to scrub and scrub. Here's Em helping out:
Em Filling the Pool

And another one--this just before she tried to drink from the hose and completely doused herself:
Em Filling the Pool 2

Ah, my lovely girl, dripping all over the kitchen hardwood floor... Gotta love kids:
Bathing Beauty

Right then. That's it, my weekend in a kinda large nutshell. Some day we will have a lawn, for now at least we have flowers. Leave me alone--we've been busy.

Tomorrow I have to go to that office where I used to work to turn in my severance package. I should receive my check about a week or so later. I also MUST STUDY FOR MY FINAL! If I'm not around much tomorrow, please know it's not personal--it's the finals. I'll be done by Wednesday night. Oh, then we have company on Thursday and Friday. Then Saturday we're all heading down to Kate's--we'll be there until Wednesday... but I'll have blogger access down there.

Hope those of you who have to work have good weeks and the rest of you enjoy your early days of summer. **Smooch**

Oh, I nearly forgot! Now that I'm home, we're back to HALOSCANNY GOODNESS!!! I'm going to leave the blogger comments active on previous posts but disable them on this one so there's less confusion. :)